Write about Things

Write about Things


That’s the name of this Site


It’s obviously a play on words.  'WRITE' and 'RIGHT'.   Writing about Things is important and also being as Right as you can is also important.  


My mission is to support those who have done research or investigation or journalistic research, present it in some form or another and then don't get heard in a popular way, (maybe a few folks in the field) and yet they have much to say that should be heard in public.


Quite often these concealed goodies never get the airing they deserve.  I am trying to encourage the bringing of research, investigations, reports and discussions to a wider popular public


The theme that underlies the enterprise is the way in which meaning and understanding coagulates into quite dense forms of knowledge, this is like saying it is 'Right'---- until one day, of course, someone undoes it!  Then, of course, it loosens up and has to re-form.  You will recognise in this the thinking of Thomas Kuhn, when it comes to scientific paradigm and also George Kelly when it comes to psychological/social science.


This pattern of coagulation and loosening is seen in almost all science and this blog simply picks up upon its happening. 


I suppose I worry about things that get too ‘coagulated’ and also, contrary-wise, things which aren’t enough coagulated.  Over-coagulation and Over-Viscous Formation worry me.


I love to hear stories about reason, create reasonable narrative myself and therefore glad to hear from others. My blog, only started in 2018, when I began studies in science journalism, reflects a continuing journey and I invite others to join in (it's lightly moderated to minimise extremes of unreason and viciousness).


If you wish to know a bit about me you can visit my short account CV- ?About? -it's pretty unremarkable as I have managed to survive without 'success' .


Essentially, just for information my own foci are [maybe one could look for how Over-Coagulation and Over-viscous Formation might fit in!]


  • Dictator psychology 
  • Varied Research ideas into therapies
  • Conflict, especially intractable conflict
  • Boundaries between knowledge (science and theology, normative psychology and creative positive psychology, health and the kingdom of unwellness, particularly that time when one is uncertain if one is ill or not – I call this the “Diagnostic Window”)
  • How people hold their sense of themselves together and allied topics such measuring meaningful coherence using the Repertory Grid



If you wish to know a bit about me you can visit my short account CV-it's pretty unremarkable as I have managed to survive without 'success' .